Relationship Centred Care™

Relationship centred care at Rodwell House

The foundation of any therapeutic care activity is to understand the person’s past and present relationships. By engaging with this most important aspect of the human experience, residents feel empowered to talk about their memories, to be heard and to feel valued.

With this in mind, Relationship Centred Care is our principle approach to care at Rodwell House. Taking the established concept of Person Centred Care one step further, we place each resident at the heart of a network of family, friends, health professionals, and those who deliver their care.

Relationship triangle

Relationship Centred Care can be illustrated by a “relationship triangle”, which highlights a “third dimension”: where carers, healthcare professionals and the resident’s loved ones develop relationships directly with each other, in addition to their traditional relationships with residents.

In order to develop this third dimension, some of our initiatives are as follows:

Life Stories

Each resident’s personal history is described in their Life Story; these empower our residents to talk about their most important memories, giving them a chance to reminisce and feel heard.

Using Life Stories, our Carers and Activities Workers are facilitated to understand the resident’s care needs from a wider, more relational perspective, and to deliver highly personalised group and one-to-one activities.

Histories are compiled collaboratively by Carers, Activities Workers, friends, families and the residents themselves. They include core memories, personal memorabilia, photographs and testimonials by significant people in the resident’s earlier life.

Contact with Family & Friends

When residents move into care, it is often difficult for relationships with their wider family and friends to be maintained. At Rodwell House, we keep families and friends involved in the social programme of the Home as far as possible. We emphasise details about the resident’s existing relationships and ways to facilitate these in our care planning.

Secure Online Access to Care Records for Relatives

Our residents’ care plans and records are streamed in real-time into our own platform (only with strict consent granted by the resident or a “best interest decision” on their behalf).

Relatives are finding that having a live view to their loved one’s care, accessible from anywhere, really helps them to have peace of mind, as well as to maintain stronger relationships with both the resident and staff.

You can read more about our digital initiatives here.