Offering both Group and Individual Activities Programmes

At Rodwell, we recognise that not every resident benefits from activities in larger groups. With this in mind, we offer two distinct Group Activities and Individual Activities programmes every day, so that every resident in the Home has the opportunity to take part in stimulating social interactions if they wish. Our Group Activities take part in the Main Lounge, whilst our Individual Activities take part in a dedicated Sensory Lounge.

Main Lounge Group Activities

We offer four main Group Activities every day. To ensure that residents are given the opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling social programme – which encourages achievement, purpose, fun and calm – each of the four daily activities falls under one of our four activity pillars:


1. Self-Care

Activities which care for the body and mind

2. Productive

Activities which give residents a sense of purpose and achievement

3. Leisure

Activities which allow residents to have fun and engage in old and new hobbies

4. Rest and Relaxation

Activities which facilitate residents to find calm and peace


This week in the Main Lounge…

Sensory Lounge Individual Activities

For residents who benefit more from individually supported interactions, we offer an alternative programme of small group/individual focused, therapeutic activities in our Sensory Lounge.

Residents who take part in Individual Activities typically…

  1. Have significant cognitive impairments.
  2. Have more positive and engaged interactions one-to-one than in large groups.
  3. Benefit from more sensory activities.
  4. Have restricted mobility.
  5. Use non-verbal communication with limited ability to understand language.


We schedule each day more freely in the Sensory Lounge than in the Main Lounge, with at least eight activities per day. As these activities are more personalised, there is no time specific schedule – our Activities Workers focus on sensory engagement with individuals and small groups.

This week in the Sensory Lounge…